Hydro-Design was founded in 1985 by Egil Ranvig. Together with his friend Tom Martens Meyer, he developed the enterprise from producing affordable waterski boats to increasingly sophisticated racing boats….


Hydro Design has more than 30 years of experience in the development and production of high quality boats with outstanding performance and seaworthiness….


Through our experience with racing constructions we have developed a construction technique that gives an optimal ratio between construction cost, weight and strength….



At our service and development center at Torp in Fredrikstad we perform a full Cormate service and maintenance program…..



Torp Marinepark is a unique property connected to the sea via the river Glomma, it consists of 9000 m2 of commercial space and a land area of 143,000 m2. Torp Marine Park operates both rental of the commercial premises and property sales……