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Chase 34 is a complete new and revolutionary boat concept. The idea comes from the car industry! 15 years ago our typical customers drove luxury sedans, now it’s very much changed towards more user friendly and sporty high-performance SUV’s, like Range Rover and Porsche Cayenne. However, we couldn’t find any equivalence when it comes to boats. You can buy a fast ocean-going RIB, with excellent rough-sea capacity, or you can buy the comfort and quality feeling of a high-quality Day Cruiser. Unfortunately, most customers find the high-performance alternative too basic and minimalistic for multipurpose family use. And most Day Cruiser simply doesn’t have the performance, rough sea capacity and sporty feeling some of these customers wants. Cormate wants to eliminate this dilemma by making a high-performance SUV for the water. A boat which combines the rough sea capacity, user-friendliness and speed from the best offshore RIB’s, and the comfort and luxury feeling of the high-quality Day Cruisers.



The hull is a development of our very advanced and efficient Monostep technology, but the length/width ratio is inspired by the real ocean going offshore racers from the 60’ties and 70’ties. These tough races were dominated by Ray Hunt and Don Aronow hulls, before the races was moved to more sheltered waters. These boats had 24-25 degrees deadrise and often a 4:1 length/width hull ratio. This ratio was an excellent compromise between the need of high speeds in flat and choppy waters, and a safe hull with enough hydrodynamic bow lift and buoyancy for the toughest ocean racing.

A 4:1 hull ratio is considered extreme by todays standard and few boats of Chase 34’s size have this high ratio. The downside is normally less usable cockpit volume, but the Chase 34 has a clever usage of each cm of width, and the inside cockpit volume is comparable or even better than many competitors of the same size. The outside width is only 255 cm (263 cm with heavy duty rub rail), this makes the Chase 34 easily trailable and even transportable in an open sides container. The narrow beam and the use of; vinylester, unidirectional fiberglass, high quality core materials and infusion technology, makes the boat extremely rigid, strong and light. The rigid and compact hull, the 24.5 degrees deadrise and the 4:1 hull ratio make the Chase 34 cut through choppy water in an extremely soft way, without discomfort and slamming noses. The reverse rake windshield gives better wind and weather protection, especially when driving half standing in the offshore seats. It also gives more cockpit volume, less disturbing reflections and better rain visibly. All these construction parameters also make this boat very suitable as a Chase boat for the Superyacht marked.


Because of its very efficient and advanced stepped hull and the low weight, the Chase 34 have an exceptional low fuel consumption and high top-speed. With a single Mercury 370 hp TDI V8 diesel it will reach 46 knots, with fuel consumption of only 1.18 l/nm at best cruising speed. With 2 x Mercury High Performance 600 SCI engines, the top speed is calculated to 82 knots


Equipment includes; 2 x 12″ Simrad chart plotter/echo sounder, inside and outside shower, integrated carbon fiber toilet, electronic controlled automatic faucet, electric windlass, bow thruster and 2+2 berths. Also, standard is a wet-bar/galley “island” with sink, 70 L drawer refrigerator, Wallas double ceramic stove and harbour covers. To save weight it’s no separate water heater, but electronically controlled/selected water temperature.

The Chase 34 can also be delivered with; 100 W solar panel (no need for cable charging), digital antifouling system (powered by solar panel), joystick maneuvering with sky hook (on twin engine boats), full or half canopy/sprayhood and bimini top.

Wet-bar/galley “island” with sink, 70 L drawer refrigerator and Wallas double ceramic stove. 

Toilet with integrated carbon fiber toilet, automatic faucet, electric ventilation and shower 

Semi stand-up seats design for offshore use with great side support, real racing controls and high performance steering. All placed in the exact right position for optimal high speed offshore driving.



Weight from: 



Fuel tank: 

Water tank:

Blackwater tank:


Hull ratio:
Diesel engines:

Petrol engines:
Outboard engines:


Range single diesel:

CE Category:

1033 cm

255/263 cm

2500-3300 kg



400 l

100 l
50 l

24.5 degrees


1×370 hp – 2×370 hp

1×350 hp – 2×540 hp

2×200 hp – 2×450 hp

44-80 knots

350 nm


Egil Ranvig




2 x 300 Verado

2 x 400 Verado

6.2L 350 hp

8.2 MAG 430 hp 

TDI V8 370 hp

2 x 6.2L 700 hp 

2 x 8.2 MAG 860 hp 

2 x TDI V8 740 hp 

















Chase 34 from Cannes to Monaco

Cormate tests new Norwegian Staaker drone in Drobak

Chase 34 - line drawing

Chase 34

for outboard and

inboard engines

Bimini top for fast driving

and easy setup

Front canopy and

extended canopy

(shown in dashed line)

Extended not available until
further notice.

Canopy and flat harbor cover

All seats in down position, front and rear sunbeds

in use

Rear seat in up position and main seats in “fast offshore” standing position